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very frustrating!

unexpectedly quits and changes made are not saved. ugh

Keep Updating

I like everyone else was not happy to have to change to something new and different to make my photo books. I think the best thing for me so far, is the developers from mimeo seem to be listening to us the users and, are working to make this everything we have been used to. I have had several exchanges with the customer support and emails. There have been many updates recently but we still need to improve the product. The biggest thing for me is the inability to save my project as a PDF when complete. This to me is the biggest no brainer and as of now still unable to. I find the mistakes I made or the things I need to change just jump out at me when I think I am done when I am able to review my project in that form. I hope this is high on the priority of updates to come. Also the fact we can’t move one page at a time to reorganize the book. This to me is a problem as often times you just want to rearrage a single page. Also please add the ability to add page numbers. Overall my experience is ok but it just needs to go a little farther. I’m glad they are listening to us the users, and look forward to more improvements. Thank you to the developers for listening to us.

Keeps crashing!!

It is such a shame that Apple stopped printing there own books. It was so simple and the quality was great. Downloading never an issue no matter how many photos I wanted to get into each book. This is product/ service is awful. I have tried to purchase a book 3 times and the site crashed EVERY TIME before it finished downloading my photos. It does not even get through half of them…. Then I can never reach anyone at customer service. The “help” they give in the email does not work and no other ideas are given.

Apple’s gone backward

Why oh why did Apple do this? While it says I can open and convert old projects–I cannot. Every year I would create calendars as gifts for my business associates. Guess what? The calendars I created for 2019 won’t convert either. Creating a new calendar is my only option and I’m given limited options. Especially in fonts. I’m very disappointed and the customer service folks didn’t do much to help me with my issues.

Crashes constantly

Broken out of the box. Crashes within three clicks of creating a new project. No way am I putting hours into making a photo book with this. Also, I’m disappointed that it comes with its own fonts and I can’t seem to access my system fonts. On the plus side, it does look promising with lots of layouts and customization options. I’ll probably try again next year to see if they’ve stabilized it.

Crashes all the time

I have made many photo books on Apple's Photos. They always came out great. Now Apple's book program no longer works and is replaced by Mimeo. I have been trying to use it for several days now unsuccessfully. The app crashes all the time. I tried a custom layout and a fixed layout. The fixed layout is not working because the photose, which had been ordered in my album are scambled, so that the Mimeo books places the photos in completely ramdom order. Worse, however, is the fact that within only a few minutes the program tells me that it has to reload the page and crashes. All changes are lost. I simply cannot produce a book with this program.

It wont even download. So how would I know?

Ive tried to download this app at least a dozen times and it never connects to Photos. It says it there but it isn’t . Very frustrating ! I’ve been printing cards and books on the old photo app for years with no problems . Very disappointing .

Disappointed and delighted

Disappointed that I can’t print the project and proofread it before I order a photo book. Preparing to spend more than $100 and can’t print it to proofread the text? Not friendly. Can’t even export it to a PDF file, so that I can share with others who might also like to purchase from Mimeo. Result? Mimeo is losing out on sales. Delighted that there is more freedom in adjusting the photos and in adding text and manipulating it. Please work on the ability to print and export as a PDF.

Too many crashes

I was hopeful this would work well as it is so much easier to load straight from Photos. I do several photo books a year and have uses various companies so i am familiar with what i need and what is available elsewhere. It was doing OK until the last update (3.0.1). Now it will not load many pages with full page photos and I am losing a project I have spent 20+ hours on already. Other things that need improvements 1. Thumbnails from photos to chose from need to be larger. 2. You need to be able to hide the photos already used in a project so you are not forced to scroll through the hundreds to find the one you want. 3. There should be a way to remove a photo from a project entirely if you decide it will not be used at all. 4. You shoulld be able to save it in a format you can easily spell/grammer check yourself. 5. There needs to be a more informative help/instruction section 6. When support is contacted they need to read the entire question/problem before they give a solution to which you have already explained you have attempted to implement and it did not work.

Can’t create calendar from existing project

Why is it so difficult to create a calendar from an existing project? I made a calendar in Photo’s. When I’m ready to order the calendar, I get a notice that I must download an app now to order. I downlaod Mimeo, but must then re-create the calendar?? That’s nuts. I should be able to transition easily. Very frustrating.

wishing for a bit more

I love that i have control over moving photos around the page- but I would like more FUN background other than just colors.

Loved it until it crashed!

Spent about four hours creating a book only to have it crash. I have updated the latest version 3.0 so that’s not it. Any help would be great!

App Crashes

The features of this App are great. I always used Photos on the Mac to make books and calendars, but that option is no longer available. Mimeo was very good that is had similar formats to what I was used to, and had even better editing options with text and edting photo layouts. However, after putting in 3 days of work, the App suddenly had a “server error” and all of my work is lost. You can see the file in Photos, but the book is gone. The features are great, but worthless if you can’t keep your work.

Great experience with Mimeo

I had a great experince with Mimeo! I was able to seamlessly move my photos from my Apple photos into the Mimeo set-up function. The tools for adjusting the position of the photos and the function for seeing how the photobook would look before I confirmed the book was very smooth and smart, well done Mimeo.

Loving IT!

This extension is wonderful. I was able to create a wonderful catalog for my Paint & Sip business that has brought in more customers already!! I'm forever grateful to Mimeo for continuing Apple's photo projects! I can edit my pics and automatically see it in my project! VOILA MAGIC!

Constant crashes v 3.0.1

I'm dead in water using this plug in. I have 6 books in progress, all 50 pages or more, and the newest update won't run. Stay away from this update. Plus developer has no "Contact Us" link on website, poor/no support for this "Apple Photo Book" replacement plug in. Not good guys.

Some suggestions for updates

I've been using the Photos Calendar on my MAC for years to make family calendars. Since it was stated that Mimeo was a good alternative and since they were involved in printing a superior calendar, I thought that it would offer an equal product. Not so. Themes were the same (and even more offered), but some elements that I counted on were missing. I would like to see these added in further updates: 1. Add an option for a 13th month. I use the picture slot for this extra month for a list of all contact information for the family - addresses and emails, etc. I make a jpg of a word document and use this. 2. On the calendar part, have the ability to insert birthdays and anniversarys from the Calendar program AND the ability to customize the entry in the date box, ie: color code the entry (I use red for birthdays, and blue for anniversaries) and enlarge the font (too small - need a magnifying glass to read). These should Pop upon just glancing at the calendar. I used to put faces on "their" day, but was told not to do it anymore - they want to write on the calendar. 3, In the Photos bar on the right, have the ability to HIDE photos already used to reduce clutter. I just want to see what I have left to place. I'm sure you're getting bombarded from Apple users, but the Calendar program Apple offered was a high set bar. This program can be a winner with more refinement!

To the developer...

and I would greatly appreciate an answer... Will you SOON allow the backup of a work under PDF as it was possible with "Photos". PLEASE do it!!! As a photographer it's an amazing option when you have to send a project (book or whatever) to a publisher! Without this option your app. loses most of its interest! Thank You!

Great features and great quality!

Mimeo Photos offers tons of new additional features to Apple's existing photo project offering, allowing for much more creativity and design, as well as countless new themes and layouts to choose from. I've ordered many products from Apple and Mimeo and the end result is the exact same, with high quality materials that look stunning. Another pro- very friendly and helpful 24 hour customer support chat that responds to any questions or suggestions I have.

Same as Apple, Shipped to Europe

The app is easy to use, nice User Interface and lots of options for building photo books from the themes. I also built a calendar and shipped it to a few family members overseas and it went smooth. This app also converts existing Photos projects which is how I got my calendar to re-print. For me the most pleasant part was the print quality which was no different than what Apple shipped. Keep up the good work Mimeo Photos!


So far I’m not liking this app. I was forced by apple to pick an upgrade to an app that will allow me to purchace a personalized calendar. I’m actually planning ahead for once in my life lol, and I’m making calendars for Christmas presents, and I am forced to start my calander on the month that I am creating it. It’s VERY DISAPPOINTING that I have no other choice, besides who starts a brand new calander in October? I think that needs to be fixed Mimeo, just sayin’ I was going to buy calanders today, but now I cannot through Mimeo. Again I am disappointed.

Useless for print calendars

Trying to create a calendar for an Xmas present after Apple discontinued their printing through Photos. When you create your calendar it automatically creates it from the month you are curently in with NO way to change that to start at the beginning of the year! The help site to which I was directed says calendars created after September will default to January but now we are in October the calendar still starts in October. Not ideal if you are trying, as I am, to gift calendars to family for Christmas presents. Complete waste of time.

very poor UX when you are done

The SW is easy to use, but there’s a solid UX msising. 1. you can’t save your work . So if you spend 1+ hr to create your lovely photo book and you shutdown your photos app then your work is lost. 2. DON”T press done. Done means close. I pressed done instead of buy thinking that done means , i’m ready to go to next step to order. Once you press done, the app doesn’t save and then closes the app.


I used to be able to print Apple Photos projects I create at home, like simple cards when I only wanted one copy. Now with Mimeo, there’s no option at all—not even to PDF. Just buy. Not going to happen! Deleting this app now.

2 important features missing

I’m working my way through my first book using Mimeo. Two features I really miss about Photos are the ability to 1. duplicate a project and 2. make a PDF copy. When I make family books, in Photos I could duplicate a master copy and make changes specific to each family member without having to create a whole new project. I made PDF copies to email to my family members who were far away so they could easily edit and return with changes for me to apply to their copies. I’m doing my son’s wedding books now and not sure how we will do this long distance.

CRASHES ever since 3.0.0 update!!!

Hi Mimeo, I really enjoy your app and find it generally easy to use and full of many options. HOWEVER, I just downloaded the new update Version 3.0.0 and now my app constantly crashes. HELP!!! Also, would love the following enhancemenys in photo books: 1.) Ability to move HALF of a page spread not just the full page once photos have been placed. 2.) Ability to view photos in 3 different formats: Photos that have been placed in book, Photos that are unused/unplaced in book, and all photos (placed & Unplaced) in book. 3.) Ability to clear placed photos (all of them, not one by one having to delete them) AND ability to auto place photos. I would understand you can choose to auto place photos when you pick the theme of the photo book, however, it would be more useful if you could chose to do so while working IN the photo book. 4.) More layout options for 5,6,7+ photos Thank you so much for a great product. I look forward to the crashing fix ASAP!

Still fails: Worked great for awhile; now crashes constantly

I tried the update. Still fails. See following. I was hopefully that the update would fix the problem, but it still crashes. TERRIBLE—APPLE SHOULD BE ASHAMED! I started using this to create a photobook. I got through about 23 pages and learned how to use until at page 24, it crashes all the time. A restart of photos and a Mac restart did not help. Hopefully they will fix it! I really don’t want to start with the other option which was more limited in abilities.

Missing features for calendars

I cannot import birthdays and anniversaries from my calendar. The idea of entering all that information manually makes me want to skip the project this year. It is also disappointing that I cannot choose what month to start the calendar. How can January not be the default option?

Really frustrating

I was a big fan of Apple’s photo books, and it’s a shame they decided to outsource the business before ensuring there were good options. I spent hours working on a Mimeo photo book only to have the “app quit unexpectedly” (repeatedly) and have to delete the project and start over. I then start anew but it tells me some of the images (no idea which ones) aren’t in the right format. So I need to add images one by one and re-open the project to see which image is causing the failure. Mimeo took what should have been a really fun project and made it a sad disaster. Find a better app!

Mimeo could not open 1st/any project made in Photos

Downloaded app, opened photos, created project…selected 24 photos, tried to open project in mimeo, and got messge,’ Unable to load project. The project could not be loaded. Error the data couldn’t be read becuase it isn’t in the right format’…All photos are in the right format for viewing in Photos so…Gee not much chance of using that 1st time user 20% off coupon.

Great. Then my book just disappeared.

Work on a book for an hour or two and then I got back to my library to pull more photos in. I try dragging the photos to the project and its just gone. It isn't there anymore. Try restarting and everything. Just gone.

Same as Apple

I recently tried MimeoPhotos and highly recommend it. The book I received was EXACTLY the same quality (materials, etc..) as the books I ordered from Apple. The template I used was also the same as I used with Apple. This is a terrific replacement to Apple and I will use for all my books, cards and calendars going forward. Thanks - love it!!

The Best of it Kind

Mimeo Photo books are sensational! I have created Apple Photo books since 2005. I think the Mimeo Books are even better. The application is simple and clean. The templates are great with more flexibility in designing your book. The text options are numerous. The technical support goes out of its way to help you. I ask quite a few questions and technical support was kind, knowledgeable, and patient. I talked to them through their phone service, email, and intercom service. This product is going to get even better because they are working on all kinds of features. They will have the ability to save as a PDF, and page numbering will come out soon. I highly recommend this program. I taught at the University for years and wrote many books. I give Mimeo Photos 5 Stars.

Wonderful Product and Excellent Customer Service AAAA++++

I tried this app on my Desktop iMac and initially there were some technical issues but Mimeo’s customer service is great!! That is rare today!!! I have numerous questions and I was supported thorough the process. Thanks to Jim S for all his support. As for the application, Mimeo Photo Books are far better than any other option on the market. You have almost an unlimited customization options. Mimeo is definitely supporting this app and upgrading layout, themes and text options on a regular basis. I have used and compared what’s avaialbe in the market and the Mimeo Photo app works easlity with your photos files and the optinons especially text options are only limited by your imagination. Very easy ordering process once you complete your project and very quick delivery. My custom photo book is of excellent quality in binding, pages and print quality. I highly recommmend this product.

Not bad but missing critical elements

Need to be able to edit photos from within Mimeo. Also need to have support for adding maps.


Just received my first Mimeo photo book. Very happy with the quality of the printing, paper et. After having only worked with Apple photo books in the past it took me awhile to figure out the whole system. Glad I persisted. Recommendation: I would like to be able to order prints, and to make a PDF. The PDF facilitates a collaborative process. Thank you Mimeo for stepping up and helping a frustrated Apple customer.

waste of time!

I just spent two hours choosing photos for a book. Then whenI chose my theme, it AUTOFILLED!!! ARGH . I could not go back and undo the autofill. Tthere is no way to take the photos to a new project. You just have to start all over again. PLEASE OFFER A DRAG AND DROP OF EXISTNG PHOTOS TO A NEW PROJECT WHERE ONE CAN CHOOSE TO DESELECT AUTOFILL OR EASY “UNDO” BUTTON FOR AUTOFILL. Yes, of course, I should have looked at the teeny little thing in upper right corner when i was choosing my theme, but i didn’t see it! When theere is no otpion to undo it, you should MAKE IT LARGE AND RED so we don’t miss it and waste our afternoon.

Project extension “Mimeo Photos” terminated unexpectedly.

Project extension “Mimeo Photos” terminated unexpectedly. I worked on a book for a long time and now that it is ready for export and purchase I get the following message: Project extension “Mimeo Photos” terminated unexpectedly. Very sad - I emailed customer service with the following respone: "Hello, and my apologies for the trouble you've encountered. We are aware of this issue and working to release a fix just as soon as possible. Please know that your projects will be unaffected and you'll be able to submit your order once we have the update available. Thank you for your patience and understanding…: So until this is fixed - stay away, especically if you need your project asap.

It’s OK but needs work

I’ve been using this extension for a couple of months and have some pro and con observations. On the positve side, Mimeo offers more customization than the old built-in Apple process. And, published books seem to be equal to what had been available through Apple. On the negative, and this is a big negative, you can suddenly lose the ability to open existing projects. This has happened to me twice. Each time has been the same - I’ve clicked ‘open’ and, instead of the project opening, I’ve received an error message. Repeated clicks lead to the same error message. The first time I notified Mimeo and entered into a two-day email exchange - they were as baffled as I was. The second time I decided to write this review. I think the take away is this - when using the Mimeo extension, don’t work on projects over an extended period of time. I like to add pictures over time, review and revise, and eventually print a book. I think its safer to build a book at once … building one slowly leaves you at the extension’s mercy. Eventually, the platform’s instability will kill your project and you’ve got to start over. Its a shame Apple is discontinuing its service. I have yet to find an extension as reliable and intuitive. Mimeo, I think, comes closest. But they still have a way to go.

Poor capacity

For those who take large volumes of photos, this app only allows 2000 photos for selection. Therefore, you must pre-curate your project. There is still no replacement for iPhotos book creation software….

Not intuitive… And calendar dates!!! What???

I was trying to be open minded when I saw that Apple was not supporting the integrated projects in Photos anymore. I was thinking that I’d get an improved product to make my family calendar this year. Mimeo is not intuitive and offer less options than Apple. I wasted 15 minutes trying to change the starting month (to January of course - who wants a calendar that starts in August?) only to find out that I can’t!! I feel trapped and certainly disapointed.

Is there a tutorial out there.

I don’t know how to import the photos from my MacBook pro to Mimeo. Is there a tutorial out there that I can get?

Doesn’t ‘bridge'

Can’t open the book I am in the middle of in Photos.. error EVERY TIME saying it cannot bridge over.


I appreciate the idea of autofill, but I want to place my own photos!! I can’t figure out a way to turn “autofill” off when you start a new project!!! I want an empty canvas with access to all of my pictures so that I can add them where I want. The only way I can figure out to make this work is to select my photos and my book template, and then spend 20+ min manually removing every photo from every page so that I can start with a blank canvas. Very frustrating!! I would think it would be easy to toggle the autofill on and off?? Can you please add this feature???????

Waste of time

Wish I knew I had to order 25 of the same birthday card… UGH1

compares well with Aperture for hard cover books

Book quality equals that of any of the Apple offerings - and I’ve used Aperture, iPhoto and Photos. But Mimeo offers superior book creation to Photos which is the only one with active support. You are provided with excellent built-in page layouts and the ability to customize photo and text placement on your pages to your liking. Text options are extensive. If you are coming from Photos or iPhoto - prepare to don your creative cap. Apterure users should be satisfied - but they will give up some text effects, metadata integration and the ability to print to PDF instead of a hard copy. Customer support also gets 5 stars. As this was new to me, I asked plenty of questions - on line and even over the phone. All issues were solved competently, rapidly and politely.

Fantastic App

This App is great, its clean and simple to use. What really shines is the superb quality of the photo book. You wont go wrong using this App and service.

Very Disappointing Interface

I went through the process of designing a photo card to send to my mom for Mother’s Day only to find out that there is a minimum order of 25. I wish they had made the minimum clear BEFORE I went through the entire design process.

Great App, until the app crashes, and you loose everything!

I thoroughly enjoyed Mimeo Photos and spent three hours creating well over twenty pages, to have the app crash and loose all my work. Very disappointing. . . I tried customer service; however, they were unable to help retrieve the lost work. If it hadn’t crashed, a fantasic user friendly application. Needless to say, I will not recommend.

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