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I appreciate the idea of autofill, but I want to place my own photos!! I can’t figure out a way to turn “autofill” off when you start a new project!!! I want an empty canvas with access to all of my pictures so that I can add them where I want. The only way I can figure out to make this work is to select my photos and my book template, and then spend 20+ min manually removing every photo from every page so that I can start with a blank canvas. Very frustrating!! I would think it would be easy to toggle the autofill on and off?? Can you please add this feature???????

Waste of time

Wish I knew I had to order 25 of the same birthday card… UGH1

compares well with Aperture for hard cover books

Book quality equals that of any of the Apple offerings - and I’ve used Aperture, iPhoto and Photos. But Mimeo offers superior book creation to Photos which is the only one with active support. You are provided with excellent built-in page layouts and the ability to customize photo and text placement on your pages to your liking. Text options are extensive. If you are coming from Photos or iPhoto - prepare to don your creative cap. Apterure users should be satisfied - but they will give up some text effects, metadata integration and the ability to print to PDF instead of a hard copy. Customer support also gets 5 stars. As this was new to me, I asked plenty of questions - on line and even over the phone. All issues were solved competently, rapidly and politely.

Fantastic App

This App is great, its clean and simple to use. What really shines is the superb quality of the photo book. You wont go wrong using this App and service.

Very Disappointing Interface

I went through the process of designing a photo card to send to my mom for Mother’s Day only to find out that there is a minimum order of 25. I wish they had made the minimum clear BEFORE I went through the entire design process.

Great App, until the app crashes, and you loose everything!

I thoroughly enjoyed Mimeo Photos and spent three hours creating well over twenty pages, to have the app crash and loose all my work. Very disappointing. . . I tried customer service; however, they were unable to help retrieve the lost work. If it hadn’t crashed, a fantasic user friendly application. Needless to say, I will not recommend.

It crashes

It gives an error when I choose a theme and crashes. Project extension “Mimeo Photos” terminated unexpectedly. Seems buggy. I wish it worked so I could use it and have a better review than this.

This is a great addition except for 1 thing

This is a great addition to Photos — makes projects (such as custom-made cards, etc.) much more customizable in terms of layouts, backgrounds, etc. My only gripe with it is this: if you want to order some cards, the minimum quantity is 25. Now, I get it: it is probably not worth custom-printing a single card or maybe 5 of them. But I would be willing to pay much more for a single card, I would even pay for shipping; I simply do not need (almost never do) 25 of them and I am not willing to throw away 23. If I could order like… 5, that would be great. (Also, it would have saved me wasting about half an hour on my project if there had been a warning at the beginning that 25 is the minimum.)

Fantastic App and Amazing Customer Service

This app is fantastic. Clean, simple, and easy to use. Intuitive and eay to understand while being able to handle a good amount of customization. Competitive prices, with many choices for themes, bakcgorund colors, layouts, and alterations to layouts. This has been the best experience building a custom photo book. Highly highly recomend. Also had a small glitch chceking out and call Mimeo’s customer service, who were superb in helping solve the problem. talked to a live person right away that was helpful and responsive as they worked to fix the problem on their end. Great experince all the way around.

App is not working, not tech support

I start using this up and it was easy to creat photobook. I spent about 6 hours to creat it and was almost done with editing when this app just freeze up on me. I did comunicate with support people but they just promissed to help and then gave up on me saying that I can not retrive my pictures from that project. So all my selection and work was gone. Very disappointedpointed .. defenately won’t recommend .

Superb Quality

I placed my first order with Mimeo Photos and found the building expeience to be simple and intuitive. I was quickly able to build a photobook and proof everything prior to ordering. When the book arrived I could not have been hppier with the quality and how perfect the end product looked. In addition, the free shipping was a great offer from Mimeo. I can’t wait to order my family holiday cards from Mimeo this year.

Powerful Design Tools & Phenomenal Print Quality!

Stoked to see the support for Photos projects extensions in High Sierra and particularly this new Mimeo Photos extension. Lots of themes to choose from and the editing interface provides total control on layout. Oh yeah, and free shipping :) The quality of the printed products I’ve received is stellar. This is now my go-to app for books, cards, and calendars.

Perfect Companion to Photos!

This application and service is the perfect companion to memorialize your photos as books, cards or even as a calendar. The book design and layout are auto-magically taken care but still allow you all the fine control you need to make the perfect print. The books support many page layouts with an easy to use interface for making changes. The experience and integration with Photos combined with the free shipping of the products make this my default method for printing photos.


Great App. Loved getting free shipping.

Love this App!

Beautifully designed with an interface that is easy to navigate. The quality of the photobooks is phenomenal and I can’t wait to design holiday cards with Mimeo Photos this fall.

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